Multi-Clamp with Integrated Vacuum Generation

  • Ideal solution for small and medium-sized workpieces
  • The clamped workpiece can be rotated and turned continuously for processing from all sides
  • Connects to all the standard compressed air connections thanks to the integrated pneumatic ejector
  • Multi-Clamp suction plate (1) for almost all workpieces
  • Multi-Clamp suction plate round (2) for wooden workpieces
  • Multi-Clamp suction plate oval (3) for narrow and elongated workpieces
  • Clamping lever (4) for the quick change of the Multi-Clamp suction plate
  • Continuously slewable 360° for flexible all-round machining (5)
  • Continuously rotatable 90° (6) for the simple processing of planes and edges
  • Connection for compressed air supply (7)
  • Base plate (8) for screwing to the workbench (optional fixing with vacuum)

Individual items in the product family Multi-Clamp with Integrated Vacuum Generation

VC-M 165x165x220.5
VC-M 165x165x220.5
Vacuum clamping system Multi-Clamp with integratet vacuum generation
Length: 165 mm
Width: 165 mm
Height: 220.5 mm
VC-M-SP 160x160
VC-M-SP 160x160
Multi-Clamp Suction plate with integratet vacuum generation
Length L: 160 mm
Width B: 160 mm