News about Vacuum Clamping Systems


Powerful Vacuum Blocks for Clamping Solid Wood Workpieces

J. Schmalz GmbH has produced a new range of aluminum vacuum blocks for machining structured solid wood workpieces. The hose-free vacuum clamping system for CNC machining centers with a console table ensures the workpiece is held securely in place, enabling high precision in the production process.


Aluminum Vacuum Blocks from Schmalz: A Strong Hold on Shear Forces

The machining of solid core plastic sheets and hardwood workpieces requires high cutting forces. This posed a challenge for the Eibl joinery firm, who found that workpieces kept slipping during the clamping process, thereby jeopardizing a safe machining process. Help finally came in the form of a solution provided by vacuum specialist Schmalz. Efficient aluminum vacuum blocks ensure the sheets are held securely in place and control the shear forces that are at play, allowing rapid and reliable processing.


Schmalz vacuum blocks for CNC woodworking machines from Biesse: The innovative alternative

The Dittus carpentry workshop manufactures high-quality wood shop fittings and interior furnishings. To meet its customers exacting demands for quality and delivery times, the company uses a 5-axis CNC woodworking machine from the Italian manufacturer Biesse, with vacuum blocks serving as the clamping solution. But instead of the factory-fitted vacuum blocks, Dittus employs an alternative product from the vacuum specialist Schmalz: The Schmalz blocks are extremely durable, with a modular design and convincing price-performance ratio. Workpieces of varying dimensions are clamped securely and without damage.


Schmalz Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Original Replacement Blocks

Schmalz has developed new vacuum blocks to use with the CNC wood machining centers manufactured by the Italian company Biesse. The vacuum blocks represent a genuine alternative to original replacement blocks for a number of reasons: Not only are they extremely robust and able to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position, they also offer excellent value for money.


New Brochure from Schmalz: Clamping Solutions for CNC Machining

In the company's latest brochure, J. Schmalz GmbH informs readers about its innovative vacuum clamping systems for CNC machining. On 32 pages, the clearly organized, richly illustrated brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the options for designing more efficient production processes with the help of a vacuum system.


Vacuum Clamping Technology Increases Machining Flexibility

J. Schmalz GmbH is expanding its extensive range of vacuum clamping solutions for metalworking with the flexible Innospann system. The fully compatible Vacuum Operation Center, which integrates completely with the system, is available for vacuum generation.


New Schmalz Brochure about Vacuum Clamping Systems for Wood Processing

J. Schmalz GmbH has published a new brochure on “Vacuum Clamping Systems for Wood Processing.” This 52-page publication features numerous examples of real-life applications to offer clamping solutions for all current machine manufacturers and table types.


Efficient vacuum supply for clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers

Schmalz, the vacuum specialist, offers complete vacuum systems that generate and monitor the vacuum for clamping workpieces on CNC machining centers.


Fast and Secure Clamping: The New Vacuum Block for Grid Tables from Schmalz

With the new vacuum block series VC-R, vacuum specialist is offering flexible and cost-efficient clamping equipment for CNC machining centers with grid tables.


Getting a Grip on Complexity – Vacuum Specialist Schmalz Presents Innovative 3D Clamping System

Schmalz’ newly developed vacuum clamping systems, Basic Holding Fixture and Advanced Holding Fixture, are used to clamp complex components for CNC machining in a simple way. Depending on the version, the component is clamped either manually or automatically. The versatile system can be used in a wide variety of industries for many applications.