Schmalz Suction Cup Balance SSCB

Automated Gripping and Clamping in Production Processes

Few Steps to an Automated Cycle

1. The suction cup spider is positioned using a 2D surface as reference. The zero-point adjustment is then defined based on the CAD workpiece geometry.

4. The suction cup spider positions itself over the clamping system so that it appears they mirror one another.

2. The first positioning rod is halted at the zero-point.

5. The suction cup spider locks the workpiece position by regulating the pressure for each individual cup..

3. The remaining positioning rods are sequentially positioned according to the workpiece geometry, where they are then locked.

6. The combination of suction cup spider and clamping system is integrated into the production line in little time. The workpiece can now be mounted.

Our Highlights...
  • End effector for the precise positioning of workpieces

  • Software-controlled adaptation to 3D CAD data using a physical 2D reference face
  • Positioning rods are individually controllable without the use of pressure

  • Special material at contact nob between rod and workpiece

Your Benefits...
  • A flexible set-up of gripping and clamping systems such as needed for component assembly
  • Automated mounting process for gripping and clamping systems

  • The grip and clamping systems adapts to the workpiece geometry automatically and immediately
  • Process secure and precise fixation of sheet metal and other complex pieces


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