Vacuum Unit VAGG

  • Based on an oil-lubricated vacuum pump with vacuum and liquid reservoirs
  • Simple and quick to install – ideal for end users who use vacuums as one of many clamping technologies
  • Vacuum supply of several machines in rotation possible
  • Visual and audible system monitoring
  • Designed to be integrated in the machine control of the CNC machining center

Our Highlights...

  • Automatic emergency-off function
  • Integrated manometer, vacuum switch and warning device
  • Optical level indicator with electronic swimming switch and warning device
  • Energy saving automatic
  • Additional digital output warns against loss of vacuum rather against critical fluid level during the machining
  • Mobile mounting

Your Benefits...

  • Protects the pump against drawn-in fluids
  • Visible and audible monitoring of the vacuum level
  • Visible and audible monitoring of the fluid level
  • Unnecessary power consumption will be avoided
  • Due to synchronization with machine control the machining will be stopped in case of loss of clamping force
  • Ergonomic handling

Individual items in the product family Vacuum Unit VAGG

VAGG 63 AC3 80
VAGG 63 AC3 80
Vacuum unit VAGG 63 AC3 80 VAGG-63-L Basic-SCHMALZ
Suction rate: 63 m³/h
Voltage (50 Hz): 230/400V AC
Rated power (50 Hz): 1.5 kW
Current range -50 Hz: 6,2A or 3,6A
Reservoirs volume: 80 l
VAGG 40 AC3 80
VAGG 40 AC3 80
Vacuum unit VAGG 40 AC3 80 VAGG-40-L Basic-SCHMALZ
Suction rate: 40 m³/h
Voltage (50 Hz): 230/400V AC
Reservoirs volume: 80 l
VAGG 18 AC3 30
VAGG 18 AC3 30
Vacuum unit VAGG 18 AC3 30 VAGG-18-L Basic-SCHMALZ
Suction rate: 18 m³/h
Voltage (50 Hz): 190-260V or 330-450V
Voltage (60 Hz): 225-300V or 390-520V
Rated power (50 Hz): 0.55 kW
Rated power (60 Hz): 0.66 kW
Current range -50 Hz: 3,3A o. 1,95A
Current range -60 Hz: 1,9A or 1,1A
Reservoirs volume: 30 l
VAGG 6 AC3 10
VAGG 6 AC3 10
Vacuum unit VAGG 6 AC3 10 VAGG-6-L Basic-SCHMALZ
Suction rate: 6 m³/h
Voltage (50 Hz): D175-260V/Y300-450V
Voltage (60 Hz): 202-300/350-520V AC3
Rated power (50 Hz): 0.25 kW
Rated power (60 Hz): 0.3 kW
Current range -50 Hz: 1,9A or 1,1A
Current range -60 Hz: 2,0A o. 1,15A
Reservoirs volume: 10 l