Vacuum Knowledge

When designing a vacuum system, a number of factors must be taken into account in order to ensure an efficient and safe process. This section gives a sound overview of the functions and areas of application of vacuum components as well as the design of complex vacuum systems.

The "Basic knowledge and terminology" section provides all the important facts about vacuum and vacuum systems: from the definition of the term vacuum, to units of measurement and specifications regarding energy consumption during vacuum generation, all the way to the influence of altitude and temperature on vacuum technology.

You can read detailed definitions in our glossary.


Vacuum Technology for Automation

Acquire a sound foundation of basic knowledge of vacuum technology in automation.

In the "Vacuum system and its components" section, all elements of a functioning vacuum system are explained - from suction cups to mounting elements and switches, all the way to vacuum generation. The design requirements of a vacuum system are visually displayed using a sample calculation. Selection aids in the individual sections show the main criteria for selecting the correct vacuum components at a glance.


Vacuum Lifters and Jib Cranes

In the "Vacuum lifting devices - function and selection" section, the functions of the various vacuum lifting devices are visually displayed. A selection aid helps you to decide between a vacuum lifting device VacuMaster and a vacuum tube lifter Jumbo.


Symbols, Units and Conversion Tables

Different symbols are used in the field of vacuum technology to create switching and function plans. Units and conversion tables offer a quick overview of the symbols and conversion factors that are used for calculation when designing a system.

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