Das Vakuum-Hebegerät VacuMaster Comfort ist geeignet zum stufenlosen Schwenken von Werkstücken um 90°. Das Hebegerät wird zur Be- und Entladung einer CNC-Maschine mit Blechtafeln eingesetzt.

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Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Comfort for the handling of metal sheets

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Metal / Sheet metal
Workpiece Metal plates, Metal sheets
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Lifting device, VacuMaster Comfort
Video number 063

In the past, the metal plates and sheet metal were manually loaded and unloaded from a CNC-controlled machine tool. This task had to be performed by two to three employees. The work was especially strenuous for the employees and demanded a great deal of effort. In order to provide some relief to the employees, the company decided to purchase a vacuum lifting device by Schmalz.

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Comfort is suitable for the continuous swiveling of workpieces by up to 90°. The lifting device is used for loading and unloading a CNC machine with metal plates. The lifting aid can transport weights of up to 500 kg. Its Comfort-Version make it convenient to use and allow for fast operation. The handling device is equipped with an SK slewing column crane from Schmalz. The jib length of 6,000 mm provides a high degree of flexibility to round off this system.

Lifting Device VacuMaster