Vacuum suction spider SSP for handling long wooden beams

Type of handling Automated handling
Industry Wood
Workpiece Wooden beams, Wooden boards
Product Suction Spiders SSP
Video number 157

A manufacturer of prefabricated housing has to load long, heavy wooden boards into a machining center. A Schmalz vacuum suction spider is used to achieve high reliability in this automated process.

The suction spider SSP consists of twelve area grippers of type SBX-C. The wear-resistant sealing foam on the grippers is extremely durable and can stand up to workpieces with rough surfaces. Flexible spring plungers compensate for unevenness and differences in height so that the suction spider always grips reliably and with high precision. Two powerful blowers are installed directly in the gripper and provide the necessary vacuum.

The gripper is highly adaptable, which allows it to easily grip wooden boards and beams of different shapes and sizes. The gripping system is attached to the indoor crane and covers a very large work area. The crane is controlled from a control panel on the machining tools.

The gripping system helped to optimize the process and shorten production times.

Vacuum Suction Spider SSP