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Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex handling raw rubber bales

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Automotive
Workpiece Other products
Product JumboFlex, Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Tube lifter
Video number 163

Manufacturing tires involves mixing together various types of rubber with special properties. The first step in the process is to lift raw rubber bales onto a conveyor belt and position them. The raw materials are then worked into a mixture.

The heavy raw rubber bales are stored separately in boxes and on pallets, making them extremely strenuous to lift. The tube lifter JumboFlex assists employees in this task. With the tube lifter, employees can effortlessly lift raw rubber bales of up to 50 kg from the pallet and place them in the positioner. This ergonomic solution protects the employees’ health while allowing them to work more productively.

Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex