Checklist For Selection Of Filters

What is the minimum required nominal flow rate?See the notes in the technical data.
Are there any size restrictions?See the notes in the design data.
Is maintenance assured?Planning and design should permit easy maintenance.

Checklist For Selection Of Connecting Elements

Which diameter is needed?See the design diagramm below "Overview Flow Resistance in Hoses"
How long are the hoses?The hoses recommendations are based on a hose length of 2m. For longer hoses, larger diameters must be used.
Which hose material is needed?See the material notes. In trailing cable installations, we recommend the use of polyurethane hoses.
What are the best hose connections for the application?For dynamic applications, you should always use unions which are secured with union nuts or hose clamps.

Overview Flow Resistance In Hoses

Overview flow resistance in hoses

Aid for the dimensioning of distribution hoses:
Example: A hose with an internal diameter D = 32 mm has the same internal flow rate as 32 hoses with an internal diameter of 6 mm or 4 hoses with an internal diameter of 16 mm.

Checklist For Selection Of Hoses

Criterion/MaterialPVC PU PE PA
Resistance to oilGoodExcellentGoodVery good
Resistance to fuels and natural gasMediumVery goodMediumGood
Resistance to weatheringMediumExcellentMediumMedium
Behaviour at low temperaturesFreezes at -20°CSimilar to a hard plastic at -35° bis
-40°C, but no embrittlement
Freezes at -50°CFreezes at -40°C
Behaviour at high temperaturesWithstands 70°C for long periodsWithstands 80°C for long periods, for short periods up to 100°Withstands 70°C for long periodsWithstands 85°C for long periods
Dynamic stress resistanceTensible strength: good; Ductile yield: very good, suitable for static installationTensible strength: excellent Ductile yield: excellent very high elasticity, excellent creepage resistance, thus suitable for trailing cable installationsTensible stregth: very good; Ductile yield: vergy good, suitable for static installationsTensible stregth: very good; Ductile yield: good, suitable for static installation
Resistance to abrasion GoodExcellentGoodGood