Special Grippers

Different models of special grippers

Special grippers are used in applications in which regular suction cups cannot be used. Special grippers are used to handle wafers, films, paper, fragile workpieces or textile fiber composites. They serve as a connection element between the workpiece and the handling system just like the suction cup.

Schmalz separates special grippers into the following series:

Our selection aid includes information that should be observed when selecting the right special gripper.

Schmalz Special Grippers

Magnetic gripper

  • Magnetic gripping
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces

Needle gripper

  • Gripping through the insertion of needles
  • Handling of workpieces that are difficult to pick up using suction
  • Handling of porous materials

Floating suction cup

  • Gripping using the Bernoulli principle
  • Low-contact handling of thin and sensitive workpieces
  • Elastomer cushion for absorbing shear forces

Flow Grippers

  • Gentle handling of extremely thin plastic films and porous materials
  • Handling of thin glass, blank and assembled printed circuit boards and dry food products
  • Integrated vacuum generation

Wafer gripper

  • Grippers for gentle handling of wafers and cells
  • Integrated vacuum generation
  • Maximum process reliability

Thin Glass Grippers

  • Gently grip the thinnest glass
  • Extremely dynamic and contamination-free handling
  • Integrated vacuum generation or connection for external vacuum generation

Feed Ejectors

  • Suction rate up to 8,640 l/min
  • Diameter 6 to 75 mm

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