Floating Suction Cups

Floating suction cups in different sizes

Floating suction cups are pneumatically operated special grippers with integrated vacuum generation. They operate on the Bernoulli principle and work as a low-contact system. The workpiece “floats” on an air cushion at the gripper surface. This makes the floating suction cup ideally suited for the handling of very sensitive products. The high volume flow can compensate for leakage,when handling porous workpieces.

Advantages of floating suction cups:

  • Low-contact handling
  • High volume flow
  • Safe separation of thin, porous workpieces
  • Integrated vacuum generation

Typical areas of application:

  • Handling of fiber composites, paper, film, wood veneer, printedcircuit boards, wafers and solar cells
  • Separation of thin, porous workpieces

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