Needle Grippers

Different models of needle grippers

The needles are pressed into the workpiece and herewith the gripping process is realized. The needles are ejected pneumatically. The needles are extended at an angle to ensure reliable gripping of the workpieces. Once the gripping process is complete, the needles are retracted either through spring force or pneumatically.

Advantages of needle grippers:

  • Safe handling of non-rigid materials or materials with anunstable shape
  • Different shapes for unique operating conditions
  • Selectable needle diameters and adjustable strokes

Typical areas of application:

  • Handling of porous and/or non-rigid workpieces, such as textiles,insulating and foam materials, fiber composites such as carbonand glass fiber, fleece or felts, carpets, filters, fabric, styrofoam as well as metal foams

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