Switches and System Monitoring

Different models of switches and system monitoring

Devices for system monitoring are important for the safe operation of a vacuum system. Schmalz offers measuring as well as control components for this purpose.

We distinguish between the following components for system monitoring and control:

Components for system monitoring are used in all areas of automated handling applications, for example, in feeder systems in the automotive industry, in the plastics industry, as well as in other applications in order to increase process safety.

Our selection aid includes information that should be observed when selecting the right measuring and control devices.

Schmalz Switches and System Monitoring

Electronic Vacuum and Pressure Switches

  • Electronic vacuum pressure switch with or without display
  • Various measuring ranges: -1 to 10 bar
  • Switching functions PNP and NPN

Vacuum and Pressure Sensors

  • Vacuum and pressure sensor with analog output signal
  • Measuring range: from -1 to 10 bar

Measuring and Control Devices

  • Gauges, vacuum controllers and pressure-reduction valves

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