Mounting Elements Selection

Different mounting elements

The mounting of the suction cups is usually selected according to customer requirements. But there may be compelling reasons for a particular type of mounting:

Uneven or inclined surfaces
The suction cup must be able to adapt to the incline:
> Joint mounting

Different heights/thicknesses
To compensate for height difference, one needs a spring-supported mounting:
> Spring plunger

In this case, the steel sheets are stacked on a pallet. If the sheets are larger than the pallet, one must assume that the ends of the sheets are hanging down. This means the suction cups must be able to compensate for height differences and inclines.

For this example we choose:

Joint Flexolink FLK 1/4" – 1/4" female thread
Optimum flexibility of suction cups for inclined workpiece surfaces.

Spring plunger FSTE 1/4" – 75 stroke
Greatest stroke because of sheets hanging down from pallet, 1/4" thread for connection to selected joint mounting Flexolink FLK.

Make sure when you select the mounting elements that these can be screwed onto the suction cups, which means the threads have to match. This also ensures maintaining the carrying capacities. Different mounting options and technical data are available.