Valve Technology Selection

Different models of valves

In this case we are using a compact ejector with integrated valve technology. In other cases we need solenoid valves to switch the function “Vacuum on/off”. They are usually used when pumps or blowers are used as vacuum generators.

The selection of the valves is based on the following criteria:

  • Suction rate of vacuum generator
  • Control voltage
  • Operating principle of the valve (NO/NC)

The nominal flow of the solenoid valve may not be less than the suction ratio of the vacuum generator.

Calculation of the nominal size of the valve


VV  = Nominal flow of valve [m3/h, l/min]

VVE  = Existing suction rate of vacuum generator[m3/h, l/min]

Example: VV = 140 l/min = 7 m3/h

For this example we choose:

The used compact ejector of type SCPi 20 is equipped with solenoid valves which eliminates the need for separate valves. A solenoid valve of type EMV-10 with a nominal flow of 20 m3/h would also be sufficient for the function “Suction ON/OFF”.