Selection Aid for Vacuum Generators

Selection by Properties

Selection aid for vacuum generators

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Selection by Suction Rate

The necessary vacuum can be generated with vacuum generators of various types.

The following three vacuum generators are available:

1) Ejector
2) Vacuum pump
3) Vacuum blower

Each type has its own specific advantages, but they have one thing in common: a high suction rate at a high vacuum always means high power consumption and high operating costs.

Checklist for Selection of Vacuum Generators

How is the vacuum generator driven?Electrically (pump, blower) or pneumatically (ejector).
Is the workpiece air-tight or porous?Affects the evacuation volume.
How large is the volume to be evacuated?Details (in m³/h or l/min) are shown for each vacuum generator.
How long is the required cycle time?Affected by: the evacuation volume of the vacuum generator, the volume to be evacuated, the switching times of the valves etc.
Which vacuum value is required?For practical use, a value of -600 mbar is assumed for calculations with air-tight workpieces.
Where is the vacuum generator located?Affects the size, weight and additional functions.

Selection Aid for Compact Ejectors

Our selection aid for compact ejectors helps you find the right compact ejector for your application based on various technical properties.

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