Check Valves, Flow Resistors and Sensing Valves

Check Valves, flow resistors and sensing valves

Check valves and flow resistors, as well as sensing valves, increase the process safety and efficiency in a vacuum system.

Check valves interrupt the flow as soon as a certain volume flow has been reached. This will turn off any suction cups in the gripper system that may not be covered completely. The system vacuum will remain intact.

Flow resistors reduce the flow cross-section in the vacuum system and are mainly used in gripper systems for handling porous workpieces. By reducing the flow cross-section, the system vacuum remains intact even if the suction cups are not covered.

Sensing valves open the suction channel with a spring-mounted plunger when a workpiece is present at the suction cup. When the suction cup is occupied (= workpiece present), the line for the vacuum is opened. Sensing valves do not protect the system from partially occupied suction cups.

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