Overview Valves

ApplicationCheck ValvesFlow ResistorsSensing Valves
Handling of porous workpieces such as chipboards and MDF panelsX (If type SVN is used)X
Handling of air-tight workpieces such as sheets of metal of varying sizesXX
Handling of cardboard sheets and boxes of varying sizesX
Handling operations with very short cycle timesXX
Cases where some of the suction cups are not fully in contact with the workpieceXX
Cases where the workpiece is to be blown off for faster releaseXRestricted by the reduced cross-section



Checklist For Selection Of Valves

Which functions are required?We can supply solenoid valves (3/2-way, 2/2-way), manually actuated vacuum and compressed-air valves, check valves, sensing valves and flow resistors.
Which volume flow rate needs to be controlled?This determines the nominal flow rate and the size of the valve.
What are the requirements with respect to size, weight and cycle times?Further information can be found in the design data and/or technical data of the valves.
Which type of energy is available?
See the notes in the design data or the technical data (solenoid valve EMVP also needs a compressed-air supply)
Does the workpiece need to be released very quickly (blown off)?With type EMV, compressed-air for blowing off can be connected directly. Otherwise, additional valves are needed for this function.