Column-Mounted Jib Cranes

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Schmalz's slewing cranes are very versatile in their use, and can be combined with a chain hoist, rope hoist, rope balancer or chain hoist with lifting device. When installing the crane on a column, the pivoting angle is 270°. The crane can be installed freestanding in the room.

For a weight of up to 1000 kg, the Column Slewing Cranes use aluminium crane rails. This guarantees extreme responsiveness. Once a load of more than 1000 kg is to be lifted, steel crane rails are used.

Design and Function

  • Aluminum crane rail and pivot bearing
  • Steel crane column, optional with integrated motor-protection switch
  • Already fitted with anchors for floor mounting without additional intermediate plates
  • Optionally available with a mobile base plate for easy transport using a forklift or pallet truck

Modular System