Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Reliable Handling of Goods in Potential Hazard Zones


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The chemical and pharmaceutical industry works with substances that are processed further in other industrial sectors such as the plastics, food and beverage, and automotive industries. Organic and inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, plastics or pharmaceutical products are stored in barrels, sacks or jugs, and constantly present new challenges for handling in this sector.

In order to allow safe handling of hard-to-grip elements, Schmalz offers vacuum solutions for a wide variety of applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Manual vacuum lifting devices ensure ergonomic, safe lifting when handling barrels and sacks. Even in explosion protection zones where special safety measures make handling even more difficult, vacuum lifting devices from Schmalz offer safety and reliability.

Gripping and Palletizing without Damage
When handling chemicals, operators must be particularly careful that no tears or holes form in the sacks, allowing substances to leak out. The tube lifter JumboSprint enables operators to lift loads safely, particularly when handling sacks made of sensitive materials like paper.

Resistance to Chemicals
Contact with salts, vapors and chemicals can make many materials porous and no longer usable. Schmalz suction cups made of specially developed materials are resistant to chemicals, meaning that they offer a far longer service life than other suction cups.

Vacuum Lifters for Handling Sacks

Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex

  • JumboFlex for ergonomic one-hand operation for fast movement sequences
  • The lifting unit, operator handle, suction cups and vacuum generator can be configured
  • One-finger / two-finger control for right-handed and left-handed users
  • For workpieces up to 50 kg

Vacuum tube lifter JumboSprint

  • Tube lifter JumboSprint for ergonomic handling of compact workpieces
  • The lifting unit, operator handle, suction cups and vacuum generator can be configured
  • Rotating operator handle for precise operation
  • For compact workpieces weighing up to 300 kg

Crane Systems for Handling Sacks

Aluminum Bridge Cranes

  • Installation on ceiling or portal construction
  • Lift capacity up to 1,200 kg

Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes

  • Mounted using a wall bracket or clasp bracket
  • Lift capacity up to 1,000 kg