Schmalz Vacuum Tube Lifter for the Ergonomic Handling of Starter Batteries

With its vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex Battery, Schmalz is providing a complete solution for the ergonomic and safe handling of starter batteries. Batteries commissioned edge to edge on the pallet have to date made removal difficult. Particularly for models without handles, the batteries weighing up to almost 30 kilograms have to be manually removed and transferred with great physical exertion because it is not possible to grip them mechanically.


Complete solution for handling starter batteries: vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex Battery
Complete solution for handling starter batteries: vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex Battery.
Ergonomic one-hand operation with JumboFlex Battery
Ergonomic one-hand operation with JumboFlex Battery.

The new JumboFlex Battery vacuum handling system from Schmalz solves several challenges at once: It grips, lifts and transports starter batteries of different shapes, sizes and weights – and all of this without any physical exertion for the user. The system comprises a lifting unit, operator handle and gripper. The gripper is the special feature of this system and is equipped with a special sealing gasket and suction resistances. It can therefore pick up batteries from above – regardless of whether they have different cover geometries and whether or not they have handles. There is no need for tool conversion between different battery sizes and geometries. The ergonomic operator handle is designed to be operated with one hand and is intuitive to use. The lifting unit comprises a flexible hose, which provides the required suction flow to securely hold the batteries. The system is completed with a responsive aluminum crane as a jib crane or as an overhead crane system.

Schmalz provides the entire handling solution from a single source. The solution ensures the reliable commissioning of starter batteries for system suppliers and distributors, as well as supply in exactly the correct sequence for automotive manufacturers.


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