News about Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems


Door lifting made easy

The Brunegg AG door factory from Switzerland manufactures between 500 and 600 doors every day. Because of this the company is the market leader in the country. The growing range includes increasingly larger and heavier doors - this places high demands on the handling technology during production. Due to this, the manufacturer is pursuing the powerful lifting aids of the vacuum specialist Schmalz. With the Jumbo Ergo 300 tube lifter, employees can move up to 250kg doors effortlessly, safely and without risking injury to their backs.


Schmalz Vacuum Solution Improves Material Flow in ABB Schaffhausen

Vacuum specialist Schmalz’ lifting technology delivers exceptional performance for ABB in Swiss city Schaffhausen. ABB uses the JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter in its logistics center. The handling of small load carriers has improved significantly since.


Vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz: Ergonomics and efficiency go hand in hand

Gebr. Kemper GmbH + Co. KG install lifting technology from J. Schmalz GmbH in their new assembly and logistics hall. Vacuum tube lifters of the type JumboSprint 85, in combination with aluminum traveling cranes, optimize the handling of cardboard boxes and crates. This significantly increases process reliability and improves ergonomics at the workplace.


Vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz: A strong start for starter batteries

The production and assembly processes of the automotive industry run at a high tempo and involve the rapid lifting of small loads. This work also often involves a lot of manual effort – with negative consequences for the health of employees, for productivity and for materials. Schmalz offers a variety of vacuum handling systems for ergonomically transporting a range of different goods with care. For instance, the tube lifter JumboFlex Battery has proven itself an impressive solution for akkuteam Energietechnik GmbH. It takes the load off employees by handling starter batteries weighing from 20 to 27 kg.


Schmalz Vacuum Tube Lifter for the Ergonomic Handling of Starter Batteries

With its vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex Battery, Schmalz is providing a complete solution for the ergonomic and safe handling of starter batteries. Batteries commissioned edge to edge on the pallet have to date made removal difficult. Particularly for models without handles, the batteries weighing up to almost 30 kilograms have to be manually removed and transferred with great physical exertion because it is not possible to grip them mechanically.



Vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz: Ergonomic movement of heavy wooden boards

The Swiss joinery business Ziehli stands for craftsmanship and precision in the field of furniture construction. From its base in Lobsigen, north west of Berlin, the company creates custom products tailored to customer requirements, which naturally requires a great deal of flexibility. The employees in Ziehli’s production facilities have recently welcomed an able new assistant in the form of the Schmalz JumboErgo 300 vacuum tube lifter. It allows for more ergonomic handling of heavy and unwieldy wooden boards, while also optimizing the production process.


Schmalz Introduces Vacuum Lifters for Ground Conveyors

Electrically operated ground conveyors play a central role in logistics centers and intra-logistics. 2014 was a record year for this market segment. At the same time, the need for lifting aids in warehousing and picking technology is also increasing in order to improve efficiency on the one hand and take the strain off employees on the other – especially against the backdrop of shifting demographics. J. Schmalz GmbH is staying abreast with these developments, offering an integrated solution based on vacuum tube lifters and electrical stackers. The tube lifter is attached directly to the floor conveyor and allows you to move loads with ease.



Lightweight but Robust: The Upward Trend in Aluminum Crane Systems

For some time now, the market for cranes has been dominated by the established manufacturers of steel crane systems for transporting heavy loads ranging up to several tons. Over the last few years, however, the sector for smaller load capacities of under a ton has been experiencing some extremely dynamic development. What this sector requires are manually controlled systems that are responsive and ergonomic. The vacuum and handling technology specialist J. Schmalz GmbH was one of the first manufacturers to launch a fully developed system of lightweight aluminum crane systems back in 2006. The company has experienced continuous growth in the sector.


Demographic Challenges: Vacuum Handling Takes the Load off Employees in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has felt the effect of changing demographics. The average age in manufacturing plants is constantly rising, and ergonomic workspaces are therefore becoming more and more important. Vacuum handling systems from J. Schmalz GmbH improve health and safety protection in the sector. The company offers a wide range of solutions that can be used to move a variety of loads such as front windshields, hoods or starter batteries ergonomically and with health and safety in mind.


Operation declared a success: Vacuum lifting devices from Schmalz streamline processes for medical engineering specialist

MEDIKOMP, based in Rastatt, Germany specializes in the production and assembly of complete medical products, with a focus on metalwork. At its Ötigheim site, it produces state-of-the-art, variable operating theaters. To transport the doors and wall panels ergonomically and efficiently, MEDIKOMP uses several handling solutions produced by vacuum specialist Schmalz. The following practical example shows just how successful this partnership is.