Telescopic Belt Conveyor CargoSwitch

Keeping Baggage and General Cargo under Control

Loading and unloading of containers, trucks, swap bodies and unit load devices (ULDs) is a particular challenge in materials handling. At airports, for example, the demand is growing for reliable solutions by which baggage can be handled quickly and gently. Schmalz presents the CargoSwitch: a new development to satisfy all these requirements, a flexible telescopic belt conveyor enabling efficient, dynamic transport of general cargo.

  • Efficient handling of general cargo when loading and unloading containers, trucks, swap bodies and unit load devices (ULD)
  • Handling of stable goods up to a weight of 50 kg and up to a width of 1,000 mm
Design and Function
  • The CargoSwitch is partly automated: one operator can control the system using an intuitive smart operating handle
  • The CargoSwitch conveyor is driven between goods like a wedge
  • As soon as there is sufficient friction, the goods are drawn onto two parallel conveyor belts
  • There, the goods can be rotated and aligned as required
  • The conveyor belt can transport up to four pieces of general cargo at a time, meaning a maximum load of 200 kg
  • The telescopic range of the CargoSwitch ranges from 900 mm (retracted) to max. 3,500 mm (extended)
  • To cover the entire working area, the unit can be swiveled up to ± 20° vertically and up to ± 40° horizontally
Your Benefits
  • A constant flow of goods means higher productivity
  • An ergonomic work environment reduces physical strain on workers
  • Cost savings due to less health-related worker downtime
  • An open interface means easy connection to existing conveyor systems
Intuitive operating handle of the CargoSwitch
Intuitive operating handle of the CargoSwitch
Loading a pallet
Loading a small load carriers
Unloading a container


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