VacuMaster Window for rotating and palletizing windows

Lifting Device VacuMaster Window

Vertical handling of windows, glass sheets and glass components


  • For windows with sash parts or frames protruding up to 45 mm
  • Workpieces can be rotated by 90° (3,000 mm maximum workpiece diameter for rotating)

Design and Function

  • Operator handle with manual slide valve to turn on/off the vacuum
  • Electric vacuum pump for short evacuation times
  • Manual rotation unit, up to 90° left or right
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • UV and ozone-resistant suction plates

Your Benefits

  • Secure handling of glass while leaving no marks
  • Increase in productivity due to faster turnover
  • Effortless rotation of workpieces
  • Small basic body for a good view

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Technical Data

TypeMax. lift capacity* [kg]Min. workpiece format [mm]Max. workpiece format [mm]Number of suction plates∅ suction plates [mm]
Window 200200320 x 6302,000 x 2,0002300
Window 300300630 x 6302,000 x 2,0004300
TypeLength L [mm]Width B [mm]Overall height H [mm]Operator handle L1 [mm]Weight [kg]Rotation mechanism
Window 200630 - 93030092039039Manual, left/right
Window 300630 - 9306301,09040055Manual, left/right

Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Window

Vacuum Gripper Shut-Off

Adapts to changing workpieces

With the vacuum gripper shut-off valve several vacuum grippers can be turned off for handling of cut pieces or pieces with gaps.


Quick-connect electrical connection

The CEE plug suggests the lifting device to be easily connected to the power supply and then quickly disconnected if necessary (only for VacuMaster Basic).