Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Window Comfort 500

Handling of windows, glass sheets and glass components up to max. 500 kg


  • Simultaneous rotation and swivelling
  • Handling of workpieces with a depth offset up to 50 mm (with reduced load)
  • Handling of windows with shutter boxes or deep window frames up to 100 mm (with reduced load)

Design and Function

  • Operator handle with ergonomic bow shape
  • Electrical vacuum pump for short evacuation times
  • Audible warning device and vacuum reservoir for redundant safety in loss of vacuum and power failure respectively
  • UV and ozone-resistant suction plates
  • Electrical rotation unit for 360° rotation (optional)
  • Electrical swiveling unit to swivel up to 90° (optional)
  • Comfort Operation with integrated control of all functions

Product Highlights

  • Secure handling of heavy windows and glass sheets while leaving no marks
  • Effortless rotation and swiveling of workpieces
  • Maximum flexibility for different sizes of workpieces
  • No change between different devices required

Product Inquiries:

We would be happy to help you design a vacuum lifting device and a compatible crane.

Product Inquiry

Basic configurations

The vacuum lifting device VacuMaster Window Comfort 500 is available in three basic configurations.


  • Purely vertical handling
  • For loading and unloading of glass or window trestles


  • Vertical rotation of workpieces
  • For edge processing of glass sheets or inserting of glass sheets into window frames

Rotation and swiveling

  • Simultaneous rotation and swiveling of workpieces
  • For production processes with horizontal and vertical steps

Technical Data

TypeType of handlingMax. lift capacity [kg]Number of suction plates∅ Suction plates [mm]
Window Comfort 500 – RigidVertical5004305
Window Comfort 500 – Rotation360° Rotation5004305
Window Comfort 500 – Rotation and swiveling360° Rotation/
90° Swiveling
TypeLenght L [mm]Width B [mm]Height H [mm]Total depth L1 [mm]Weight [kg]
Window Comfort 500 – Rigid850 - 1,735765 - 1,5051,6401,250135
Window Comfort 500 – Rotation850 - 1,735765 - 1,5051,6401,250165
Window Comfort 500 – Rotation and Swiveling850 - 1,735765 - 1,5051,6401,250185

Accessories for Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Window Comfort

Frame fork

Transport of window- or door frames

Frame fork for transporting empty window frames up to 250 kg, without using the vacuum function.

Basic body enlargement

Handling of large format workpieces

Basic body extension of 200 to 1,400 mm for handling very large windows and glass sheets until 500 kg. It prevents perhaps collisions between load and lifting machine.

Depth adjustment

Handling of workpieces with depth offset

Adjustment unit for increasing the distance between the suction plates and load surface for workpieces up to 50 – 100 mm (during reduced load). If it is necessary, you can bring up the suction plates nearer to the load.

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