Vacuum Turning Bench VWT 180°

  • Turning flat, smooth workpieces, e.g. panels made of wood or plastic
  • Mechanical processing and assembly work on both sides
  • Quality inspection of both sides and surfaces of the workpiece
  • Handles processing of workpiece edges

Our Highlights...

  • Can turn unwieldy panels by 180°
  • Can swivel the workpiece without releasing and reclamping
  • Uses an electro-magnetic valve
  • Uses an electronic warning device
  • All controls integrated into operating panel

Your Benefits...

  • Can be easily and safely operated by one person
  • Bilateral assembly work and quality checks
  • Maximum safety: Prevents workpiece being released
  • Alarm sounds if vacuum is lost
  • Operator outside swivel range

Individual items in the product family Vacuum Turning Bench VWT 180°

Vacuum turning bench for rotation of airtight workpieces
Maximum load: 150 kg
Slewing angle W: 180 °
Number of cups: 4
Suct. cups: Suction plate SPU
Diameter Ds: 210 mm
with: Dry-running pump EVE-TR
Suction rate: 16 m³/h
Colour: RAL 7035 Light grey
Weight: 500 kg