Vacuum Technology in the Press Shop

Vacuum Technology in Press Shops

In press shops, the individual metal sheets that will later be combined to make the car body are produced. The metal sheets are supplied in large rolls called coils. The cut metal blanks are then placed in the press lines and pressed into the appropriate shape using various press stages - very complex geometries can be created. Schmalz products can be found everywhere in the press shop, from the handling of the coils to the hot forming and the final end-of-line acceptance.

Schmalz products are used in this area to transport workpieces quickly and reliably between the individual steps in the process. Suction cups are generally used on the end-of-arm tooling to allow safe, precise handling, even on extremely oily surfaces and at high acceleration rates. Developed especially for the press shop sector, vacuum generators with automatic air-saving functions and intelligent additional functions such as condition monitoring or energy monitoring ensure efficiency, safety and reduced downtime.


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Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Highly Dynamic and Transparent Processes

  • Automotive suction cups for transmitting high lateral forces to dry, dry-lubricated and oil-lubricated sheet metal
  • Powerful vacuum generators with integrated process monitoring for shortest grip and release times

Resistant to Dirt and Oil

  • Specially developed suction cup materials with high resistance to drawing oils
  • Robust vacuum generators that work reliably under the toughest operating conditions

Good Adaptation to Complex Workpiece Shapes

  • Complete range of suction cups for the most varied workpiece formats and contours in almost all process steps of sheet metal forming
  • Wide range of holders for optimum adjustment of the suction cups to the workpiece contour
  • Flexible lightweight construction tooling for highly dynamic processes with maximum output in press shop and body shop

Temperature Resistance During Hot Forming

  • Suction cups made of the material HT2 for unloading hot sheet metal parts from the press tool
  • Wear-resistant magnetic grippers with high holding forces for flexible handling of sheet metal parts with complex shapes or cutout patterns

Safety and transparent processes

  • Continuous monitoring of the vacuum systems for leakage, contamination and cycle times
  • Acquisition, evaluation and visualization of all relevant process data to increase plant availability

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Vacuum Technology in the Press Shop

Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

  • Handling of metal sheets
  • Handling of convex and concave workpieces
  • High holding forces and shear force resistance
Magnetic Grippers SGM-HP/-HT

Magnetic Grippers SGM-HP/-HT

  • Diameter: 20 to 50 mm
  • Holding force: 28 to 560 N

Compact Ejectors X-Pump SXPi / SXMPi with IO-Link

  • Suction capacity up to 220 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Body made of plastic

Ejectors with Active Blow Off SEAC

  • Suction capacity up to 35 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Body made of plastic
Schmalz Tooling System SXT

Schmalz Tooling System SXT

  • Robot flange and quick-change bayonet for a flexible and high-strength connection
  • Pipes and extensions with angle adjustment for a modular system
  • Clamping units, connections and elbow connections for a precise and configurable layout

Holder System for Tooling HT

  • Holders for mounting various Schmalz vacuum components on tooling beams
  • For vacuum suction cups, optionally with integrated vacuum nozzles or decentralized vacuum generators
  • For spring plungers or cylindrical sensors