Vacuum Technology for the Plastics Industry

Removal of Hot Plastics Leaving Few Marks


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In the plastic processing industry, molded parts, fibers, plastic films or semi-finished products are produced using granulates or powder. Depending on the requirements, the plastics can be adapted to a wide variety of conditions. Their temperature resistance, elasticity and resistance to chemicals make plastics essential to industrial applications. Thanks to their versatility, plastics are now used in virtually all sectors. Whether as packaging materials and insulation, or for use in the automotive industry, plastics are an important component in all industrial applications.

Schmalz offers a wide variety of vacuum solutions for handling plastics: Specially developed high-temperature-resistant materials allow handling leaving few marks even when workpieces are still hot, while extremely compact vacuum generators provide maximum dynamics and process reliability.

Requirements for Vacuum Technology

Temperature resistance
Plastic parts are often still very hot when they are removed from machines, meaning that conventional suction cups cannot be used. Schmalz suction cups made of the specially developed HT1 high-temperature-resistant material are heat-resistant up to 170°C, making them ideal for handling in the plastics industry.

Ensuring that workpieces can be coated
Suction cups often leave invisible marks on surfaces during handling, which then prevent coatings from sticking later. Schmalz uses special suction cup materials to allow workpieces to be coated completely, even after handling.

Few marks
Thin-walled workpieces require particularly gentle handling without lasting deformation. The flat suction cups SGPN from Schmalz have a very low volume and a supporting surface on the bottom to prevent marks and distortion in the workpieces.

Dynamic processes
Vacuum generators are often too large to mount directly at the operation site. The necessary hoses usually result in increased compressed air consumption. In order to avoid these losses, Schmalz inline ejectors can be integrated directly into the hose line and used even in confined spaces.

Vacuum lifters and smoothly running crane systems make manual processes more ergonomic

Vacuum lifters and cranes for manual processes in the plastics industry