Energy Consumption and Processes Under Control

Schmalz equips its smart field devices with comprehensive energy and process control functions. The diagnostics functions of the energy monitoring and condition monitoring modules ensure maximum process transparency and optimal control of energy consumption; the predictive maintenance module improves the gripper system’s performance and increases the overall quality.

Energy Monitoring

For the Optimization of Energy Consumption in Vacuum Systems

  • Current energy consumption captured as real values
  • Energy efficiency of vacuum system optimized even before start of operations
  • Trend analysis per component, per production cycle and per shift
  • Identification of disproportionate energy consumption
  • Visualization in the system controller
The energy efficient compact ejectors SCPSi constantly monitor energy consumption
The energy efficient compact ejectors SCPSi constantly monitor energy consumption

Condition Monitoring

For Increasing System Availability

  • Continual monitoring of process parameters relevant to system functioning (e.g. leaks and operating pressure for ejectors or stroke and cycle times for needle grippers)
  • Maximum system availability through detailed analysis of system condition and early detection of errors
  • Fast and efficient troubleshooting in individual system parts or in the overall system
  • Cost savings due to minimization of downtimes
Through NFC data from the vacuum and pressure switch VSi is transmitted directly to the smartphone, where it can be then evaluated and adjusted.

Predictive Maintenance

For Increasing Performance and Quality of Gripping Systems

  • Measurement of flow resistance and leak tightness in the gripping system
  • Quick and easy system optimization through evaluation of gripper system performance
  • Identification and prevention of faulty configurations
  • Monitoring of performance relevant process data and early recognition of changes in system condition (e.g. leakage or contamination)
The compact ejectors SXMPi allow the user a scheduled and preventive maintenance without downtime during operation.