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Schmalz has focused its development work on the intelligent process communication of its products for several years now. In 2008, Schmalz launched the world's first vacuum generator with IO-Link interface. Schmalz is the first manufacturer to combine sensor and actuator functions in a smart field device.

Schmalz is participating in the Guided Tour Industry 4.0 & Industrial Internet to demonstrate how its products contribute to the digital networking of industrial processes and pave the way for an intelligent factory.

Facts about Schmalz
  • Founded 1910 in Glatten, in the southwest of Germany
  • Schmalz specializes in solutions in the field of vacuum technology
  • More than 1,100 employees worldwide
  • Schmalz companies in 17 countries

Maximum Productivity, Highest Transparency, Minimal Downtime

Schmalz supports its customers by providing innovative and future-proof solutions for the intelligent factory.

Handling Process Data in Real Time

Schmalz develops smart field devices that enable process data to be used in real time. Our intelligent products feature integrated energy and process control functions. They collect and interpret data and then make it visible for the user.

One example is the compact terminal SCTMi. This compact terminal consists of up to 16 individual ejectors that can be controlled individually. A single compressed air supply and one electrical connection is all that is required. All relevant parameters, such as the energy consumption and performance in the vacuum system can be recorded, monitored and analyzed via the IO-Link interface.

Compact terminal SCTMi

Making Process Data Visible Using NFC Technology

In addition to an IO-Link interface, Schmalz provides an additional means of communication with intelligent products in the form of NFC technology. Process data is recorded directly and transferred securely to a smartphone via a point-to-point contact using NFC. Device and process information can also be parameterized on the smartphone.

Vacuum and pressure switch VSi

Vacuum Generation without Compressed Air

The technological development Schmalz CobotPump is a gripper with electrical vacuum generation. In this product, the vacuum is generated without the use of compressed air. This means that the gripper is not only energy-efficient but also suitable for mobile use, making handling processes in logistics and production more flexible and more productive.

Process data can be collected and made visible thanks to the IO-Link interface. An NFC interface provides direct access to the process and device via smartphone. Maximum energy efficiency is achieved through integrated control and performance adjustments that are adapted to the handling process.

Schmalz CobotPump

Would you like further information on our solutions for Industry 4.0?
In the following sections you will find an overview of our SmartField Devices as well as some practical examples in which the products of Schmalz have contributed to more efficient processes.

Industry 4.0
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