Basic Ejectors SBPL - Power, when you need it

Product presentation of the basic ejector SBPL.

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Basic Ejector SBPL

Efficient Eco Nozzle Technology

  • Multi-stage venturi principle
  • Ideal combination of suction capacity and energy efficiency
  • Minimal cycle time through quick evacuation

Concentrated Power

  • Up to 100 % more suction volume compared to single-stage vacuum generators
  • HF version for porous workpieces
  • HV version for airtight workpieces

Innovative Product Design

  • Up to 45 % lighter
  • 15 % noise reduction
  • Very simple maintenance

Our Solution for Quick and Safe Handling of Challenging Workpieces

The new basic ejector SBPL is the strongest product of our ejector range. This vacuum generator has been designed for maximum efficiency. This way the SBPL can unfold its performance more effectively and more powerful – right when you need it. When operating between -200 and -600 mbar the SBPL´s suction rate is almost twice that of its predecessor. This cuts evacuation times and thus minimizes cycle times. Additionaly our engineers have put their focus on weight reduction, resulting in a decrease of up to 45 %. Innovative product design makes maintenance considerably easier. Eco nozzle technology makes the SBPL more versatile in application, which creates more freedom in system design.

Suction performance of the SBPL compared to its predecessor
Suction performance of the SBPL compared to its predecessor