New Schmalz App for More Transparent Production

Schmalz has released a new app to make production more transparent for its users. Users can download the app on a smartphone or tablet to easily install, parameterize and operate vacuum components, such as the vacuum and pressure switch VSi. This reduces procurement costs, shortens startup time and optimizes device servicing.

Easily install, parameterize and operate vacuum components with the new Schmalz app.

This app-based control eliminates the need for display and input modules on the device, which reduces procurement costs by up to 40 percent. In addition, components can be started up out of the box: For example, with the app a user can simply scan a vacuum switch and then enter various values using the app. This eliminates the need for complex setup procedures with long instruction manuals. The app can also transmit settings from already installed switches to other devices in just seconds. This allows you to reduce startup times by up to 75 percent.

The app also offers users a range of benefits in terms of service: When malfunctions occur, instead of error codes the app provides easily understood messages in plain text describing the cause of the problem and how to correct it. Users also have the option of storing relevant information on the switch to be accessed later, for example the installation date or the location where spare parts are stored. The app also allows for predictive wear monitoring to minimize the risk of device failure: Users can set a reminder for predictive maintenance as well as a list of possible wearing parts. This lets users take action quickly if required, thereby reducing service times by up to 80 percent.

The Schmalz app has been available for download from the Google Play Store under the name “Schmalz ControlRoom” since October 2017, and it includes a free scanner function app. The app for parameterizing the devices is also available for free until the end of the year, and will be available for a fee starting in January 2018. The app is currently available for the vacuum and pressure switch VSi. Starting in autumn of 2018, it was also be compatible with the compact ejector SXMPi, the electrical vacuum generator ECBPi and the compact terminal SCTSi. Schmalz offers the service app in multiple different packages: as a single license for a mobile device, for groups of up to ten devices and as an enterprise license for an unlimited number of devices within a company.


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