New Suction Cup from Schmalz Optimizes Sheet Metal Handling

The new bell-shaped suction cup SAX from Schmalz is particularly well suited for quick handling of metal sheets and car body parts. It conforms perfectly to differing workpiece contours.

SAX suction cup for quick handling of sheet metal parts

The large stroke of the new suction cup SAX allows it to conform perfectly to complex workpiece shapes. This makes it particularly well suited for handling car body parts, for de-stacking metal blanks, and for loading and unloading CNC metal and laser cutting machines.

The specially structured suction area gives the SAX great holding force and allows it to withstand very great lateral forces. Thus it handles oiled sheet metal particularly quickly. Thanks to its very flexible sealing lip, it can also reliably hold workpieces with rough surfaces.

Schmalz constructs the SAX out of the wear-resistant plastic Elastodur, whose service life is considerably longer than that of comparable materials. In addition, it resists the effects of ozone and aggressive drawing oils.

This single-piece suction cup with a vulcanized connection nipple made of reinforced plastic guarantees a firm seat at the tooling. Schmalz offers the SAX with various connection types. It is available in seven different sizes, with suction area diameters of 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, and 115 mm.


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