SDI-USB: Direct Access to IO-Link Devices

Schmalz has developed a solution that allows users to access vacuum components with an IO-Link interface directly from the computer. A connection to the higher-level control unit is therefore no longer necessary. The IO-Link master SDI-USB is available now.

The SDI-USB enables direct access to vacuum components with an IO-Link interface independently of the higher-level control unit.

Intelligent vacuum components with an IO-Link interface can usually be parameterized, analyzed and operated quickly and easily from the control unit. For components that cannot be accessed directly via the control unit, J. Schmalz GmbH offers the Smart Device Interface with USB interface (SDI-USB). The component is connected directly to the IO-Link master, which is connected to a laptop via USB. The user installs the corresponding HMI-SDI software and can now read and parameterize the device using the appropriate screen.

This offers the user a great advantage. He can operate all field devices with an IO-Link interface from his desk or from the line itself, even if a direct connection to the network or the control unit is not available. The new tool also supports the procurement of spare parts by reading the necessary device information regardless of the manufacturer. The SDI software displays all relevant information and functions of the smart field devices for simple energy and process control.


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