Matrix Gripper: A Schmalz Technology-Development

Which innovations will define our future production technology? At Schmalz, we are working intensively on this issue. Our pre-development engineers are already researching on the solutions of tomorrow in order to meet the increasing complexity of products and manufacturing processes. Materials, such as CFRP dry materials, with changing cut-outs enhance the challenges for the handling technology.

Schmalz developes gripper solutions to produce these work-pieces economically in small batches.

With the matrix gripper, Schmalz is presenting a technology development for full-surface handling of predominately flexible workpieces with unstable shapes and with changing formats.

We would be happy to help you design your gripper system. From the project planning and design stages all the way through to the day your product starts operation - we will be with you all the way.

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Automated Gripping of Changing Cut-outs

Matrix Gripper

Functional Principle

  • Full-surface gripping with individually controllable suction points for selective pick-up and placing of workpieces
  • The gripping principle enables very precise depositing and generates benefits in terms of maintaining the appropriate dimensions and shape 
  • Selective control of individual suction points allows the gripper to flexibly adjust to altered cut-outs


  • Ideal for automated removal of thin and porous workpieces from cutter tables in the fiber composite, automotive, textile/leather and aerospace industries
  • Streamlined interface concept with standardized IO-Link interface for simple system integration of the gripper and for individual control of each matrix value
  • Reduced project planning, increased system availability and simplified maintenance due to configuration with standard components

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