News about Vacuum Technology for Automation


New bellows suction cup from Schmalz for safe and dynamic handling

To support efficient handling in the packaging industry, Schmalz presented the new SPB2 bellows suction cup at the Fachpack trade show. It can be used with cardboard box and tray erectors, for example, which require particularly high suction cup stroke, dynamic performance and wear resistance.


Vacuum and Pressure Switches from Schmalz: Transparency in New Dimensions

J. Schmalz GmbH becomes the first company on the market to develop a new series of vacuum and pressure switches that open up completely new communication possibilities and make processes much more transparent. The VSi version is easy to integrate into systems and makes vital process data visible. The switch communicates with all conventional field-bus systems via IO link and also allows you to readout information using a smartphone.


Grasping Gripping: From Customer Order to Custom System Solution

When a customer request arrives at the vacuum specialists Schmalz, a process involving multiple precisely coordinated steps is triggered at headquarters in Glatten. From concept development to engineering and then on to commencement of operations on site, the vacuum experts work hand in hand with the customer. From their perspective, gripping means understanding the customer requests and requirements, grasping the ideas at an abstract level and then implementing them in a customized system solution.


From Vacuum Technology to the Cloud: Modern Gripping Systems a Core Element of Industry 4.0

No trade show without Industry 4.0, no company not preaching the benefits of the intelligent factory, no paper that doesn't aim to bridge the gaps in the network of production and IT processes: Industry 4.0 is the hot topic everywhere in Germany – and it runs the risk of overheating before it really heats up on the user end. Many German companies are finding it hard to come up with concrete applications, while the USA, for instance, is taking a much more pragmatic approach. The vacuum specialist from Schmalz in the Black Forest also left the theoretical discussions behind some time ago, and has been supplying products that provide a whole range of useful data in the field for a number of years now. This has allowed them to satisfy one of the key requirements in making Industry 4.0 a reality.


New catalog “Vacuum Components – Innovations and Additions 2015”

For constructors and users, the vacuum components catalog from Schmalz has almost become a standard reference work. The company based in the Black Forest has now added more than 700 pages to its main work: Schmalz is now presenting “Vacuum Components – Innovations and Additions 2015” on an additional 120 pages.


Schmalz presents the Compact Terminal SCTMi with Near Field Communication

Schmalz, the vacuum specialist, presented its new SCTMi Compact Terminal – for the first time with integrated NFC (near field communication) technology - at the Hanover Messe 2015. NFC allows important process parameters to be read out and controlled via the terminal device. For example, in this way the user can detect error messages quickly and instigate maintenance activities before expensive damage is caused.


Schmalz suction spiders transport sensitive PVC sheets gently and securely

Kömmerling represents the top brand for window profiles and PVC products. The company based in Pirmasens is among the world leaders in the production of plastic sheets and its innovations have been a feature of the sector for a long time. Kömmerling uses suction spiders from the vacuum specialist Schmalz in order to stack the finished sheets from the production line on to pallets. These ensure increased process reliability, protective transport and higher throughput.


Vacuum Layer Gripping System SPZ Forklift from Schmalz Boosts Efficiency at Develey

Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH is currently a hive of activity. June to September is gherkin season and up to ten production lines are running in parallel at the Pfarrkirchen plant in Lower Bavaria. Each day between 200 and 250 tons of cucumbers are processed to make pickled gherkins, which then have to be palletized and shipped. For the past year, Develey has been using the vacuum layer gripping system SPZ Forklift from J. Schmalz GmbH together with a pallet truck to carefully handle the jars. This method has enabled the gourmet food specialist to optimize its material flow and make work stations more ergonomic.


Schmalz Presents New Compact Terminal

Schmalz, the vacuum specialist, presented its SCTMi Compact Terminal at EuroBLECH in Hanover. The terminal can be installed on a universal component gripper, for example, and accommodates up to 16 ejectors. This allows users even greater flexibility and enlarges their area of application significantly.


Schmalz showcases matrix gripper for gripping across the workpiece surface

At Motek 2014 in Stuttgart, vacuum specialist Schmalz presented the gripping technology of the future in the context of a technological development: a matrix gripper for handling flexible and unstable workpieces by gripping across the workpiece surface. The gripper is modular and simple to configure. It boasts a streamlined interface concept, which helps reduce the necessary wiring, for example.