Vacuum Generation – Intepedent of Compressed Air, Flexible and Intelligent

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Vacuum generation without compressed air, with modular grippers from the VEE program when handling product packaging

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Vacuum Generation without Compressed Air from Schmalz
  • Vacuum generation without compressed air – purely electrical operation
  • Integrated inteligence for energy and process control
  • Extensive communication options through IO-Link interface
  • No interfering contours due to integrated hosing
  • Modular connection options from the Schmalz vacuum end effector program VEE
Intelligent and mobile gripping technology as a key component in autonomous warehouses

Schmalz already offers a large range of solutions that can optimize such handling processes – from single components such as vacuum generators to complete gripping systems. Particularly when used in autonomous warehouse, conventional vacuum generation with compressed air reaches its limits. Compressed air often is unavailable in warehouses. Schmalz therefore is introducing a new technology development: a gripper with vacuum generation that does not use compressed air. The vacuum is generated fully electrically. This makes the gripper both energy efficient and mobile. At the same time, warehouses need systems with integrated intelligence, that deliver information and learn. This enables the use of mobile and self-sufficient robots, which pick production orders at various locations in the warehouse. Furthermore, Schmalz provides various modular connection options from its wide range of vacuum end effectors in order to handle different products reliably and safely.

In traditional warehouses gripping systems are limited to a defined handling task. Electricity and compressed air supply as well as the exchange of data are bound to a certain place. In autonomous warehouses with constantly changing structure of goods, a robot picks the product independently with integrated electrical vacuum generation and wireless data exchange. The complete process is much more flexible and efficient.