Selection Aids

Suction cup material

Find the right suction cup material for your application. The selection aid offers a concise overview of the different materials and their properties.

Flow rate

The flow rate is one of the most important aspects of a suction cup's design. This selection aid will give you guideline figures for flow rate based on the diameter of the suction cup.


In order to calculate the theoretical holding force of a vacuum gripper, it is important to take into account the corresponding handling procedure. This area describes the most common load situations.

Generator selection

Which vacuum generator is best suited to your application? This area offers a concise overview of all the relevant properties and selection criteria. selection

Hose selection

Do you need help in choosing the right hose for your vacuum system? Our hose selection aid offers an overview of the various selection criteria.

Circuit symbols

Circuit diagrams and function charts are used in vacuum technology to visualize vacuum systems. This area shows you the most important symbols and vacuum components used by Schmalz.

Gripper selection

Find the right sealing elements and valve types for your application with an area gripping system.

Lifting aids

Which handling system is the best solution for your application? This selection aid helps you to choose the right vacuum lifter.

VEE configurator

Configure your individual end effector solution online. Log in and launch the configurator using the VEE starter set.


See an overview of the areas of application for our products in your industry.

Application videos

See Schmalz’s vacuum technology in action. The application reports offer an insight into the various areas of application for our products.

Catalog overview

In this area, you can order our catalogs or download them directly as PDF files.