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With the online shop, we offer the opportunity not only to process your order online, but also to view in advance all data important to you. Order 6,000 different items online and enjoy a wide range of benefits in our vacuum technology shop.

Functions in our vacuum technology shop that you can use immediately after registration:

  • View prices and order vacuum components directly online
  • Download CAD models
  • Configure vacuum end effectors (VEEs)
  • Manage your delivery addresses
  • My Watchlist: Save your personal watchlist

"My Account" & OCI functions (activated after your registration has been checked):

  • Item check: Check availability in real time and place orders
  • Order history: Track a delivery status and generate follow-up orders
  • OCI interface

For an overview of further functions in our online shop, see our flyer:

Attractive benefits for customers who order online

  • Orders possible 24/7
  • Safe data transmission thanks to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • More than 6,000 products available online

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The concept behind our vacuum technology shop is that you – as the customer – can achieve your objective as quickly as possible in each stage of your procurement process. We have developed a range of functions to ensure this. For example, are you familiar with our live availability check? For each item in our online shop, you receive information about when the desired quantity can be delivered. And how about our quick order functions, which you can use to add products to your shopping cart quickly and easily?

Here's an overview of further functions:

Live availability check

You can check whether each product is currently available.

Item comparison

Add items to a comparison list to compare the item characteristics easily on a single page.

Quick order functions

Add items directly to your shopping cart using their part number or a CSV file.

Forward shopping cart

Forward your filled shopping cart to a person of your choice. The recipient can then add the products to his or her own cart with a single click.

Order history

You can open your order history in your account. From there, you have access to all of the orders placed by your company – including those that were not made via the website.


Use bookmarks if you're interested in a product and want to be able to find it quickly again later on.

NEW: Open Catalog Interface (OCI)

Schmalz offers customers the opportunity to order products directly via an OCI interface. Customers can place products into their shopping carts as normal and then transfer them to their own ERP system using a “Punchout” button. This allows you to depict approval processes, for example.

As well as saving time by using the OCI interface because you don't need to re-enter the ordering data into your ERP system, you can enjoy the wide range of benefits of our online shop such as the real-time price and availability check.

The implementation of an OCI interface with Schmalz takes place using standard technology and without significant IT effort.

More about the OCI interface

Our Online Shop Assortiment

Vacuum Clamping Technology

  • Vacuum clamping technology for reliable and warp-free processing of workpieces in CNC machining centers.

Column-Mounted Jib Cranes with Chain Hoist Online

  • Maximum load: 125 - 500 kg
  • Overall height: 3130 - 3635 mm
  • Lower edge jib: 2600 mm
  • Jib length: 3000 - 5000 mm

Workshop Equipment

  • Damage-Free Storage, Transport and Clamping of Workpieces
  • Transport trolleys for space-saving storage
  • Vacuum workbenches and vacuum work stands for clamping workpieces

Spare parts for vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices

Due to the multitude of available individual components, spare parts for vacuum tube lifters and vacuum lifting devices cannot currently be ordered in the vacuum technology shop. If you are looking for spare parts for your vacuum lifter from Schmalz, please fill in our inquiry form. Our system consultants will be happy to provide you with an offer.

Inquire about spare parts