Sealing Foams for Area Gripping Systems

Universal sealing element for handling different workpieces

Schmalz sealing foams are used on vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz such as the area gripping system FXP/FMP and the area gripping system SBX-C as well as on grippers from other manufacturers. The advantage of sealing foams is that you can handle different workpieces with minimum leaks using the same gripper. This allows you to move workpieces with unevenness, roughness and gaps dynamically and efficiently.

Features at a glance:

  • Long service life, up to 10 times longer than competitive foams
  • Quick rising behavior
  • Little variation in the quality of technical properties throughout the service life
  • Easy to replace with no cleaning required for time savings of up to 90 percent

You already use a gripping system from Schmalz?

Simply enter the article number of your gripper in our search to find the corresponding article. You can order replacement foams directly from our online shop via the accessories list of your gripper.

You use a gripper from another manufacturer?

Now you too can benefit from our comprehensive knowledge: We can also produce foams for your grippers from other manufacturers on request. Contact us and we will provide an obligation-free quotation for your sealing foam from Schmalz.

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The right foam for your application

ZEL foam

Display glass, stainless-steel sheets, plastic

  • Polyurethane foam for special applications
  • Leaves very few marks. Only suitable for smooth workpieces due to the hardness of the material.

SI foam

Food logistics, plastics, glass

  • Silicone foam for special applications
  • Suitable for food packaging and increased temperature requirements

N foam

Glass, packaging, metal, plastic

  • Standard foam with skin formation
  • Excellently suited for mark-free handling and applications with increased demands on the chemical resistance of the foam

O foam

Wood, glass, packaging, logistics, metal, plastic

  • Skinless, universally applicable standard foam
  • Excellent sealing and spring-back properties for long service life and dynamic cycle times

Sandwich foam


  • Combination of different standard foams
  • By combining the technical properties of different standard foams, they can be optimized for the specific handling task. For example, a wear-resistant foam that is also suitable for very fast cycle times

SWG foam

Sacks, bags, stones

  • Natural rubber foam for special applications
  • Wear-resistant foam for handling sharp-edged and abrasive workpieces

Foam with SU protection

Display glass, electronics

  • Protective polyurethane layer for special applications
  • For handling workpieces with sensitive surfaces, electronic components and for avoiding marks. Suitable only for workpieces that are mostly smooth.

Why use sealing foams from Schmalz?

Schmalz is an expert in sealing foams for area grippers. Sealing foams from Schmalz are particularly impressive due to their quality, long service life and fast replacement times. Even with prolonged use, the quality of the sealing foams does not diminish. 




We tailor make your perfect foam with the right foam and hole pattern. Examples of hole patterns:

Elongated suction cells, one row

Elongated suction cells, two rows

Elongated suction cells, three rows

Elongated suction cells, 5 rows

Cylindrical suction cells, large diameter

Cylindrical suction cells, small diameter

One row, with mounting holes

Four rows, with mounting holes

In this presentation we will explain how to quickly and easily change the sealing foam of an area gripper of type FXP/FMP.

See our website for more information:

Schmalz sealing foams can be easily replaced thanks to a quick-change film. Product Manager Ken Steyerl will show you how this works with the gripping system FXP/FMP.

Of course, your customized foam will also be equipped with the quick-change film. Request your sealing foam today.  

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Our gripping systems in the online shop

Vacuum Area Gripping Systems FXP/FMP

  • Universal gripper for automated palletizing / de-palletizing, commissioning and sorting
  • Dimensions: 442 x 130 to 1,432 x 130 mm
  • Sealing element: sealing foam, suction cup

Vacuum Area Gripping Systems FX/FM

  • Compact and light gripper for applications such as packaging machines
  • Dimensions: 76 x 22 to 120 x 60 mm
  • Sealing element: sealing foam, suction cup