Area Gripping Systems FMHD

Robust gripping system with integrated reservoir for external vacuum generation


  • For the efficient handling of sawn timber, planed and glued products, plate products, construction timber, pallets and box elements
  • Handling naturally grown material with knotholes, cracks and heavily twisted, rough surfaces
  • Ideal for the rough application conditions in sawmills or in woodworking and furniture construction
  • Can be used for layer-wise unstacking and relocation of workpieces

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Product Inquiry

The area gripping system FMHD can be integrated into systems quickly and efficiently and is equipped with a connection for external vacuum generation. Due to its integrated vacuum reservoir and robust, easy-to-maintain design, this gripper is particularly well suited to performing handling tasks under demanding environmental conditions. In addition, these grippers are ideal for operation with industrial robots and gantries due to their low weight and compact dimensions.

  • Aluminum basic profile (1) with integrated vacuum storage for high rigidity with low dead weight
  • Hose connection and separating cylinder (2); connection of external vacuum generators
  • End cover (3) with control valves for separating cylinder and blow-off function
  • Valve profile (4) with integrated missile valves
  • Quick change profile with sealing foam and quick-change adhesive film (5); easy to maintain

Ordering Guide for the FMHD

We always produce our gripping systems FMHD to fit the customer’s application. The table below lets you determine the product key for your gripper yourself. Please send us the product key afterwards using the inquiry form.

Sample Product Key:

Product key selection aid:
FieldMeaningAvailable designsValue in the example
1Abbreviated gripper type designation


FMHD-250 (excess width 250 mm)

2Valve technologyCV1 – ball check valveCV1
3Length (total)From 350 mm to 1806 mm in a 14 mm grid [in mm]1260
4GridTwo rows with 28 mm valve interval2R28
5Foam typeO10O10 – Material O10O10
O20 – Material O20
O10O10S05 – Material O10O10S05
O10O10F – Material O10O10F
6Cylinder positionDistance from left gripper edge to the center of the cylinder [in mm]C155L
7Switch functionP – PNP switchingP
8ConnectorS60 – straight, 60 mm Ø
A6L – angle, 60 mm Ø, links
COV – with cover plate
OPE – open
9Position of connectorDistance from left gripper edge to the center of the support [in mm]126
10Vacuum displayV1 – gauge VAM 40 V U
V2 – vacuum switch VSi
11Compressed air connectionCA1 – plug-in nipple 7.2
CA2 – plug-in screw union 12

Area Gripping Systems FMHD

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