Holder for Suction Cups and Spring Plungers

The holder is for suspending the suction cup on the gripping system or robot arm. Different types for aluminum sections or square and round tubes are available.

Universal Holders HTR-UNI

  • Mounting thread: M5
  • Connection: G1/4”

Adapters for Elbow Connector ANW

  • Connection: M3 to G1/2”

Bulkhead Connectors SVS-GE

  • Connection: G1/8" and G1/4"

Holders for Light-Metal Sections HTR-STA

  • Mountings for spring plungers FSTE/FSTA from M5 to G1/4”

Holders for Square Tubes HTR-STS

  • Mountings for spring plungers FSTE / FSTA / FSTI from M5 to G1/2”
  • Square sections 30 x 30 mm to 60 x 60 mm

Holder for Spring Plunger HTR-FST

  • Mountings for FSTI plungers

Holder for Suction Cups HTR-S

  • Suction-cup holder with ball joint and with stud