Schmalz Tooling System SXT


System for the assembly of flexible lightweight tooling for the automotive industry

  • Use in highly dynamic processes with maximum output in press shop and car body construction
  • Suitable for press automation with multi-stage forming processes
  • Tooling for robots for stacking, loading and unloading presses and for loading load carriers at the end of the line


Highlights and Components

High throughput for your automation

  • Precise, durable components
  • Low weight for weight-optimized toolings
  • 4 times higher torque due to geared components

Flexible adaptation to your application

  • More than 2,200 configurable swivel arms
  • Easy adaptation to changes and retrofits
  • Compatible with conventional tooling systems

Simple and clearly structured portfolio

  • Few, compact components
  • Low storage requirements
  • Simple design and fast assembly

Tooling Components

Quick-Change Robot Bayonets SXT-QC-CON

Quick-Change Robot Bayonets SXT-QC-CON

  • Manually locked bayonet connection
  • Pipe diameter of 40 and 60 mm
  • With or without pneumatic media feed-through
Robot Flanges with Clamping SXT-RF-CL

Robot Flanges with Clamping SXT-RF-CL

  • Pipe diameter of 40 and 60 mm
  • Single and double-pipe clamps
  • Attachable or clampable clamps
Clamping Pieces SXT-CL

Clamping Pieces SXT-CL

  • Double and single-pipe clamps
  • Cross clamps and parallel clamps
Pipes SXT-RT

Pipes SXT-RT

  • Aluminium pipe with large wall thickness (5 to 6 mm)
  • Diameters of 25 to 60 mm
Clamping Pieces with Extension SXT-CL-EXT

Clamping Pieces with Extension SXT-CL-EXT

  • Single and double sided clamps
  • With extension 100 to 510 mm
  • For pipe diameters of 19 to 40 mm
  • For ball joint connections with 28.5 to 32 mm diameter

Configurable Components

Connections (Geared) SXT-CON-GB

Connections (Geared) SXT-CON-GB

  • Gearing with 10° pitch
  • Male design in gray
  • Female version in black
Elbow Connectors (Geared) SXT-ANG

Elbow Connectors (Geared) SXT-ANG

  • Gearing with 10° pitch
  • Male design in gray
  • Female version in black
Extensions (Geared) SXT-EXT

Extensions (Geared) SXT-EXT

  • Gearing with 10° pitch
  • Male and female design in gray or black
  • Single and double sided gearing
  • Extension of 50 to 500 mm


Schmalz Tooling SXT with suction cups SAX for handling formed body parts
Schmalz Tooling SXT with suction cups SAX for handling sheet metal plates
Schmalz Tooling SXT with magnetic grippers SGM-HP for handling structural parts
Schmalz Tooling SXT for simultaneous handling of two symmetrical body parts

Modular System at a Glance

Tooling Components

(1) Quick-change robot bayonet SXT-QC-CON - With or without compressed air feedthrough

(2) Clamp SXT-CL - Cross clamps and parallel clamps

(3) Tube SXT-RT - Diameter 25 mm to 60 mm

(4) Connection (geared) SXT-CON-GB - Gearing with 10° graduation

(5) Clamp with extension SXT-CL-EXT - Extension from 100 mm to 510 mm

Not illustrated:

Robot Flanges SXT-RF-CL

Elbow connectors (geared) SXT-ANG

Extensions (geared) SXT-EXT

System Supplement

(6) Holder system HT - For suction cups, spring plungers and sensors

(7) Suction cups - e.g. SAX

(8) Magnetic grippers - e.g. SGM-HP

Configuration and Ordering

The Schmalz Tooling System SXT offers various configuration options. In addition to the individual components, complete assemblies in customer specific designs are also available.

For customer specific configurations, please contact your system consultant for vacuum automation:

Contact system consultant

Sample Configurations

Slide-on and clamp-on tube clamps

Slide-on tube clamps

Tube clamps with extension

Clamp-on tube clamp and ball clamp with extension

Clamp-on tube clamp with extension

Slide-on tube clamps with angle

Slide-on tube clamps with angle

Slide-on tube clamps with extensions and angles

Holders and Grippers for Toolings

Selected parts from the following products can be used in conjunction with the Tooling System SXT to obtain a complete vacuum gripping system.

Holder system for tooling HT

  • Holders for mounting various Schmalz vacuum components on tooling beams
  • For vacuum suction cups, optionally with integrated vacuum nozzles or decentralized vacuum generators
  • For spring plungers or cylindrical sensors

Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

  • Handling of metal sheets
  • Handling of convex and concave workpieces
  • High holding forces and shear force resistance

Magnetic Grippers

  • Magnetic gripping
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces

Spring plunger

  • Compensation of height differences
  • For setting grippers down gently

Decentralized Ejectors

  • High feed and evacuation volume
  • For decentralized vacuum generation

Compact ejectors

  • Integrated suction and blow off valves
  • Integrated filter and vacuum switch
  • Optional air saving function and functions for energy and process control

Compact Terminals

  • Compact vacuum terminal consisting of up to 16 block-mounted compact ejectors

Vacuum Switches VSi-HD

  • Compact Vacuum Switch VSi-HD without display with a robust design
  • Measuring range: –1 to 0 bar