Needle Grippers SNG-RV

  • Needle gripper for handling of flexible, non-rigid components
  • Handling of materials which are difficult to grip with vacuum, such as composite textiles, fleece, felt, metal foam, insulating mats, foam materials, filters, etc.

The product family Needle Grippers SNG-RV phases out and is still available until Oct 1, 2021

Beginning on this date, items in this product family can no longer be ordered.
Alternative family (see picture): Needle Grippers SNG-V

Our Highlights...

  • Variable needle stroke
  • Intersecting needles
  • Needles retracted by springs
  • Synchronised extension of the needles
  • Integrated mounting thread

Your Benefits...

  • Individual adaptation to workpieces of different sizes and shapes
  • Optimal for particularly flexible components
  • Low control costs
  • Safe handling of the workpieces
  • Perfect adaptation to other mounting components

Individual items in the product family Needle Grippers SNG-RV


Phase-out article
SNG-R 16 1.2 V
Needle gripper "SNG-R", round version
Number of needles: 16
Needle diameter: 1.2 mm
Needle stroke Z(NA): 4.5 mm
Additional function: Variable stroke
Pressure range (operating pressure):
4.0 ... 6.0 bar

This item phases out and is still available until 10/1/2021