Accessories Wafer Gripper SWGm

  • Used in combination with the SWGm wafer grippers

Our Highlights...

  • Exhaust ducts for the controlled release of intake air (axial or lateral)
  • Robot connection via various flange modules
  • Vacuum / damping module
  • HTR holder system as sensor bracket
  • Special micro-valves for switching the compressed air directly at the vacuum generator

Your Benefits...

  • Keeping the process room clean
  • For flexible connection to various robot connection and rapid gripper change
  • Gentle handling of the workpiece and precise positioning on release
  • Attachment of sensors for measuring distances and checking occupancy
  • Control of compressed air with no running time delay due to hose lengths

Individual items in the product family Accessories Wafer Gripper SWGm


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SBSm 14 90-3 4/2 0
Floating suction cup module for increasing the transfer height of sensitive workpieces
Width B: 14 mm
Angle of radiation: 90 °
Number of holes: 3
Connection: Hose 4/2
Slewing angle W: 0 °
FLAN-PL 55x7.5-AB1
Flange plate (round)
External diameter D: 55 mm
Length L: 7.5 mm
Size: AB1
FLAN-PL 63x10.5-AD1
Flange plate (round)
External diameter D: 63 mm
Length L: 10.5 mm
Size: AD1
FLAN-PL 63x11.5-UNI
Flange plate (round)
External diameter D: 63 mm
Length L: 11.5 mm
Size: UNI
Comp. for discharging exhaust air
External diameter D: 18 mm
Length L1: 46 mm
for: Wafer-/Coanda gripper
Holder system
Cross-beam connection:
Universal holder
for: Wafer gripper (mod)
Holder system
Thread G1: M8x1-F
for: Wafer gripper (mod)
Holder system
Thread G1: M12x1-F
for: Wafer gripper (mod)
SD-MOD 4 32x15x35 FG 9 SWGm
Suction-/ Absorption module
Internal diameter d: 4 mm
Length L: 32 mm
Width B: 15 mm
Height H: 35 mm
Hose diameter: 4 mm
Suct. cups: Bellows suct. pad FG
Diameter Ds: 9 mm
for: Wafer gripper (mod)
FLAN-PL 80x9-ST1
Flange plate (round)
External diameter D: 80 mm
Length L: 9 mm
Size: ST1

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