Pressure-Reduction Valves DM

  • Pressure reduction valve for manual control of compressed air in systems
  • Targeted supply of compressed air through precise pressure control, for pneumatic vacuum generators, etc.
  • For use in testing and measuring applications, such as testing for leaks

Our Highlights...

  • Mechanically adjustable pressure reduction valve
  • Precise control of the pressure
  • Independent from primary pressure and relievable

Your Benefits...

  • Manual adjustment with very high repeatability
  • Set value is maintained with high degree of accuracy
  • Easy installation in any position

Individual items in the product family Pressure-Reduction Valves DM


DM 0.5...10 G1/2-IG
Pressure-reduction valve
Work area: 0.5 ... 10.0 bar
Connection: G1/2"-F
with: Manometer
Flow rate (max): 78 m³/h