Vacuum End Effectors VEE

Configuring Rather than Designing


  • Fast and cost-effective design of vacuum end effectors for highspeed packaging processes
  • Pick-and-place applications with Delta, SCARA and articulated robots
  • Fully automated filling of cardboard boxes in case packers
  • Use in primary and secondary packaging processes
  • Transporting products into top-loading machines as well as in cardboard box and tray aligners
  • Use in flexible packaging machines with frequent format changes


End effector

Starter Set VEE

  • 120 VEE components
  • Including eight suction cups SPB4-30
  • Build up to two turnkey VEE configurations

Flange Plates FLAN-PL

  • Material: Anodized aluminum
  • For common robot types

Flange Modules VEE-QCM

  • Vacuum connection: vertical or horizontal
  • Nominal flow rate: 20 m³/h or 60 m³/h

Rotary Units VEE-RU

  • Can be rotated by 360°
  • Flow rate of 20 m³/h to 60 m³/h

Vacuum Modules VEE-QCMV

  • Vacuum generation with suction rate of up to 10.3 m³/h
Vacuum Generators ECBPi

Vacuum Generators ECBPi

  • Max. 12 l/min suction rate
  • Max. vacuum: 75%

Flange Extensions VEE-FE

  • Flange extension for vacuum end effectors VEE for reaching into boxes of all kinds
  • With a bayonet to quickly change the gripper without tools
  • Three extension lengths available with an integrated vacuum feedthrough

Basic Modules VEE-QCF

  • Material: Polyphenylsulfone PPSU (FDA-approved material)
  • Basic module with 1, 2 or 4 connections

Connector Upper Shells VEE-CO-U

  • Material: Polyphenylsulfone PPSU (FDA-approved material)

Connector Lower Shells VEE-CO-L

  • Material: Polyphenylsulfone PPSU (FDA-approved material)
  • Contains sealing element and securing screws

Connecting Tubes VEE-TU

  • Material: Polyphenylsulfone PPSU (FDA-approved material)
  • Length 17.8 mm or 200 mm
  • Integrated vacuum feed

Plugs VEE-PL

  • Material: Silicone SI for VEE-PL P and polyphenylsulfone PPSU (FDA-approved material) for VEE-PL C

Suction Cups for Vacuum End Effectors

  • Diameter: 10 to 80 mm
  • Material: SI, SI-HD (suitable for applications in the food industry), ED
  • Connection element modular

Tool Center Point VEE-TCP

  • Tool center point with standard interface to flange modules VEE-QCM or vacuum modules VEE-QCMV

Vacuum End Effectors in Use

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