Basic Ejectors SEM

  • Multi-stage ejector for handling of cardboard, packing materials, insulating materials and other porous items
  • Processes that require big suction capacity and low air consumption at the same time

Our Highlights...

  • Range of ejectors with a very high suction capacity
  • Multi-stage ejector nozzle with high efficiency
  • Optional connection facilities for compressed air, exhaust air and sensors

Your Benefits...

  • Fast and safe handling of all porous materials
  • Rapid evacuation in the lower vacuum range, reduced costs and shorter cycle times
  • Flexible mounting; reduced design costs

Individual items in the product family Basic Ejectors SEM


Basic ejector with maximum suction capacity
with: Axial silencer
Suction rate (max): 2370 l/min
Air consumption (during evac.):
935 l/min