SGPN 15 HT1-60 M5-AG

Part no.:
Flat suction cup (round) for careful gripping of paper, plastic film, etc.
Size: 15
Suction cup material:
High temp material HT1
Material hardness: 60 °Sh
Material property: non-marking
Nipple material: Aluminium
Vacuum connection: M5-M

The item phases out and is still available until Dec 31, 2025

Beginning on this date, the item can no longer be ordered.
Alternative item (see picture): SFF 15 HT1-60 M5-AG

SGPN 15 HT1-60 M5-AG
Attribute Value
dn 2.5 mm
Dmax(S) 15.5 mm
Ds 14.5 mm
G1 M5-M
H 15 mm
LG1 5 mm
SW1 7 mm
Z (Stroke) 0.9 mm