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Exceptional in Automation

From the Components to Your Custom Gripping System

Innovative Vacuum Components

A gripping system is only as good as its individual parts. Benefit from the widest range of vacuum components on the market:

  • Optimally coordinated individual components from a single supplier, from suction cups, to vacuum generators, to system monitoring units
  • Numerous products specially developed for specific industries
  • Integrated state-of-the-art technology for energy and process control
  • Modularity ensured through standardized interfaces and connection systems

Knowledge Through Experience

You can rely on our expertise, obtained from over 30 years of experience in the area of vacuum technology:

  • Our system consultants engage in a dialog with you on site to help develop the solution
  • Specialist industry managers know and understand the processes and requirements specific to your industry
  • Our approximately 400 registered and granted industrial property rights demonstrate our talent for innovation and our capability for developing solutions
  • Transfer of knowledge in customer seminars at the Schmalz Academy

System Solutions from Schmalz Minimize Total Costs of Ownership

Reduction of the total costs of ownership through optimally coordinated systems:

  • Custom-tailored implementation of your requirements
  • Schmalz assumes responsibility for the system
  • Concurrent engineering generates mutual transfer of knowledge
  • Outsourcing of vacuum expertise combined with mechatronic system expertise
  • Schmalz acts as an extended workbench
  • Conservation of your resources and the ability to focus on your core competencies
  • Active support during start of operations and on-site service
Comparison of the total costs of ownership
Comparison of the total costs of ownership of a Schmalz system solution with those for a system designed by the customer: Our system experience helps you to optimize productivity and operating costs (e.g. for energy consumption, maintenance and spare parts) throughout the entire duration of operation.